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LifeofaBimbo.com is part of the TeeZ Media Group. TeeZ provides the design and infrastructure for the owner, Blondie Bennett, to have her own private site. TeeZ is ultimately responsible for what happens on the site, so any technical or legal comments should be aimed towards TeeZ.

1. Intentions

LifeofaBimbo.com is Blondie Bennett's private site where she will share the more intimate parts of her life with you. Little stories, selfies and short clips that are part of her life. The challenges she faces and the things she has to deal with to be a total Bimbo.

This site is a subscription site where you get the chance to interact with Blondie Bennett on a more personal level.

Keep in mind that the larger productions of Blondie's content are only for sale on clipteez.com, and not part of the subscription. The intent for this site is to become more personal on a smaller scale, where the large content productions for the big audience is to be sold on clipteez.com

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